Itch-Smell-Sweat FREE | Scalp Protector On Itching, Smelling and Sweating For Hairpiece Wearers (8oz)

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About the product
  • Itch-Smell-Sweat FREE Scalp Antiperspirant by Man Weave Unit is designed specifically for to control scalp oil while you apply wig adhesive.
  • Allows you to apply your wig adhesive without fear of interference that causes the adhesive to cure improperly.
  • Itch-Smell-Sweat FREE Scalp Antiperspirant works well with any adhesive and is easy to apply to the skin.
  • Contains no harsh chemicals or toxins and no latex so it is 100% safe for your skin.

Product description

Size: 8oz

Itch-Smell-Sweat FREE Scalp Antiperspirant by Man Weave Unit  is designed specifically to help ensure that you get a good bond during each application of your chosen wig adhesive. Apply Itch-Smell-Sweat FREE Scalp Antiperspirant on a clean scalp and allow to dry before applying your adhesive. The special ingredients in Itch-Smell-Sweat FREE Scalp Antiperspirant will control sweat while you apply your adhesive ensuring that you get an effective bond. Itch-Smell-Sweat FREE Scalp Antiperspirant contains no harsh chemicals and no toxic ingredients so you can feel confident that you will get a superior hold that is safe and gentle to your skin.